got Justice?

In chapter 21 of Jeremiah, verses 12-14, there is a command for the descendants of King David: 

   “Give justice each morning to the people you judge! Help those who have been robbed; rescue them from their oppressors.
   Otherwise, my anger will burn like an unquenchable fire because of all your sins.”

Execute justice each morning? In ancient Israel, the king was like our Supreme Court. He had the responsibility to judge, but he was also supposed to ensure justice for the people. The Lord expected him to help those who had been robbed, not just judge the robbers. I’m not a biblical expert, but I believe the phrase “each morning” probably means “day by day.” The king was to act justly every day, not just when he felt like it or when it was politically expedient for him to do so.

Most of us are not kings and most of us don’t have a great amount of legal and executive authority, but many of us have been placed in places of leadership, at work, in our families, at our churches, or in our communities. Jeremiah tells us that God expects us to seek justice every day, right where we are. We should be looking out for injustice and doing what we can to correct it. This may mean that we have to hurt someone’s feelings, we may have to tell the truth, we may have to ask uncomfortable questions, it may mean we will be persecuted. The Lord has given each of us gifts, and He expects us to use them.

To do this, we must depend on God’s wisdom. I am painfully aware of my limitations. I talk more than I listen. I act way too much before thinking. I move forward way too many times before seeking God’s direction. In order for us to act justly in our daily lives, seeking God’s direction is a necessity. 

Dear Lord, I am not a king, and I have very little authority. But I desperately need your guidance and your wisdom in the areas where you have given me leadership. I desire correct discernment with the right balance of justice and mercy. I’m reminded to pray for my leaders. I ask for your blessing on those who are over me at work. Give them your vision and judgment. Thank you for their faithfulness in seeking you and guiding me. I also pray for the leaders of my city, county, state, and country. We are facing the most  challenging times that I can remember, so I know they need your guidance and support and I pray you will open their eyes to the tools of the enemy. Show them what justice means and give them a commitment to do what’s right, even when it may not be politically correct. I pray this in the name of Jesus, our Only True and Just Judge, Amen.

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