Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good!

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good!” (Psalms 107:1) This song is all about God’s saving grace, and how we owe Him gratitude and praise. When I was lost, lonely, depressed, chained by sin, suffering from bad choices, or just plain broke, the Lord has always been trustworthy to show up with His great love to save me.

A cry for help is familiar to all of us, isn’t it? People always get into trouble, they cry out to God, and He saves us. Psalm 107 reminds me of when I’ve been desperate and God has answered. I feel like our country is pretty desperate right now. Our economy, public education, Medicare, Social Security and legal immigration systems are failing, murder of the unborn is legal, we are losing our young and brave in a war that none of us agree on,  and our political system divides us well. God’s answers sometimes seem slow and we don’t always get the answers we want. But this psalm encourages us to think about when God has  moved in our lives in obvious and miraculous ways.

Think about it, remember a time of despair, think of how many different ways God has rescued you, doesn’t it make your heart want to sing the words of Psalm 107, “Let them praise the LORD for his great love and for the wonderful things he has done for them.” Doesn’t God’s goodness makes you want to worship the Lord with all that you are? I believe that if we can remember to do this, so many things in all of our lives would be drastically different.

O God, Your faithful love endures forever. Please reassure us with your presence and rescue us from our sin and disbelief. We praise you for your great love! We have wandered away from your ways and made a mess of our lives, please forgive us and help us to rebuild what we have destroyed. How I praise you for your great love! Amen.

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