Notes Left Behind

When Elena Desserich was six years old, she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Before her death in 2007, she hid hundreds of little love notes for her parents to find in their house after her death. Elena was given 135 days to live, but lived 255 days before passing in 2007. That’s when Elena’s parents, Brooke and Keith, started finding the notes between books on bookshelves, inside compact disc cases, and in backpacks.

 What an incredible gift this was for the Desserichs! Wouldn’t you love to leave a gift like that for the people who you care about? According to the National Safety Council, almost 2,500,000 Americans die every year. Almost 40% of those deaths are unexpected. This means that about 2,600 Americans woke up this morning and felt they had a long time to live, but they are no longer with us. I know, I know, this post seems to be taking an even uglier turn, but stay with me a minute.

 There’s nothing that can ease the pain of losing a loved one. But imagine the comfort and the peace that words from you will give them when you are no longer around to let them know how much you care, how much you admire them, or how much you are grateful for something they have done for you. The best part is that your death doesn’t have to be imminent for you to embark on this adventure! See, I told you this would get better.

1. Make a list of all the people you love the most. I would start with family and very close friends, and then get started. You can always add others to your list later.

2. Think of the most important message is that you can give to each one on your list. You know the people on your list, so take the time to really think about them and what their interests are and what motivates them.

3. Decide on your medium. What is the best way that you can convey their special message that you thought about for number 2. Will you write a letter, a handmade card, or get creative and make them a cd with a note inside the case? Scrapbooks and memory books are also great pieces for grandparents, parents, children or dear friends. Treasure hunt notes are perfect for the young or a significant other. And a donation to their favorite charity along with a letter to them is always great too.

4. Write down your ideas as you are progressing, chances are you will think of more projects/notes and more people with whom you would like to share your gratitude, memories and love.

The greatest bonus is seeing the joy on their faces when you share your thoughts, wishes and gifts with them. The next best bonus is that your idea(s) will catch on and your recipients will steal your idea and start leaving notes behind for their families and friends. They might ask for your advise and give you some ideas that you can use in the future, write those down!

 Don’t wait for a diagnosis to leave notes behind, start your writing and creating now while you have a chance to reap the joy reward. Elena was only six, but was able to grasp the importance of letting people know what they meant to her. A huge fringe benefit is that you will be practicing your writing while sharing your love.

Thank you Elena, for your inspiration! Happy writing everyone!

2 responses to this post.

  1. What a wonderful beautiful post! Thanks so much, I am sitting here in tears by the way, but not a bad thing.


    • Posted by sheepfeeder on January 13, 2011 at 7:51 am

      Thank you for visiting and I’m sorry about the tears! But, I agree, they are not always a bad thing! Have a great day, thanks again!


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