4 Things You May Need to Do to Reach Your Goal

Did you set resolutions this year?

Have you broken them already?

Yeah, me too. I have a tendency to set goals, without specific steps to reach the goal. Or, I soon get busy or lazy and fail to follow through. After some time passes, I sometimes give up.

Unfortunately, this can happen with spiritual growth too. We plan to spend more time in prayer, better readers of the Word, better worshipers….so that when March rolls around, we will wake up and discover we’ve become prayer warriors who love people and can strongly hear the voice of God every day thereafter. The reality is that we played ourselves. We set ourselves up from the very beginning of the process.

The fact that our goal was a resolution is an indication that it was important to us from the get-go. So, why should our seeming failure, be a reason to give up the goal? It shouldn’t! Here are some things you need to realize before giving up:

  • WE CAN MAKE RESOLUTIONS ANYTIME WE WANT, not just on New Year’s Day. That’s right.  There’s no rules on resolutions. We can make them any day we want to, and we can make the same one or a different one every day.
  • UNTIL YOU WRITE DOWN YOUR RESOLUTION, it’s only an idea or a thought. It isn’t concrete, until you actually write it out. But don’t stop there, after you write it down, write some steps to go with it, ideas on some ways to achieve your goal.
  • DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP if you don’t meet your goal on the plan date or if you have fallen away from the steps in achieving your goal. Pick up where you left off, and don’t give up. Reward yourself for the small steps.
  • REMEMBER THAT MISERY LOVES COMPANY and there’s no reason to not to re-evaluate your inner circle if they are not supportive in your new goals. We all know who the negative people are in our lives. As Christians, we may not feel comfortable distancing ourselves from those we care about, but we can limit time spent with them or set boundaries on the negative attitudes we experience when around them.

If your goals have been made a victim of your busy schedule, your laziness, your lack of seriousness or your choice of company, remember that desire you had when you first set that goal, pick up your notebook or your laptop and write it down. Make some steps, it’s never too late to pursue a dream. Happy New Goal Day!

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