Are You in Good Hands?

No, not Allstate. But that slogan, created by David Ellis, the general sales manager for Allstate Insurance Company in 1950, sure has gotten solid traction.

I don’t work for Allstate, but I have worked in the insurance business for ten years, and I cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure you have enough insurance to ensure that your family is taken care of should something happen to you or your spouse. I’m all for your children’s protection should you or your spouse get hurt and cannot work. I also know the importance of insuring your property in case of damage or total destruction. Planning for emergencies is just the responsible thing to do.

But have you thought about whose hands are holding your soul? Are they truly reliable? I’ve called myself a Christian for almost thirty years, but I will admit that for much of my life I haven’t fully relied on God. I have found myself depending on other things and people, my parents, my husband, my friends, my teachers, my job, my insurance policies and my government. It’s not just wrong to trust these things and individuals with your faith, it’s detrimental. When we put our faith into people and things, we set ourselves up for a big FAIL.

People are human beings, so they are variables. They cannot be depended upon. Things are just things. We cannot take them with us and they certainly only take us as far as we are willing to go ourselves. We are the makers of money, investments and security for our families. It’s not the wealth that takes care of us, it is us and the grace of our God. We must remember that our innovation, our skills, our health and our talents are gifts from Him. In times such as these, when we have concerns about energy and food prices, the leadership of our country and the unrest in the world, it’s easy to want to rush and put trust in people and things that we want so badly to believe have answers for us. But stop and remember, think back in your life at any troubling times you’ve had in the past. Who stands out as being the game-changer, the compass and the cornerstone of strength?

He is the only one that never fails, He is the only one that never changes. His mercies are new every morning and we can rely on Him, because He will never leave us. His nail-scarred hands, the gracious hands of our Lord, are the only hands we should allow to hold our souls.

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