Zapping the Time-Suckers!

1. Get a DVR.

Schedule what you have just got to watch, don’t watch anything else. Control your entertainment and/or education by putting it on your schedule and skip those commercials! Television is a life-sucker.

2. Waiting is a lonely number.

Do two or more things at once. Exercise while watching TV, sew on a button, while you’re waiting for a pot to boil, or read a book while waiting for that appointment.3. Get ready the night before.

Stop wasting the morning running the “get ready” race! Get a coffeepot with a timer. Lay out yours and the kids’ clothes. Plan your breakfast.
4. Say no.

Jesus didn’t say yes to everything and still doesn’t. Allot a certain amount of time each week for spontaneous requests. Once that time is gone, it’s gone. No is the answer.

5. Screen your calls.
Don’t answer every time the phone rings. Skip the telemarketers and/or people who would be more convenient to talk to at another time. Only return those you wish to return and put them on your schedule.

6. Put cleaning supplies where you use them.

Unless you are practicing for a marathon, stop running back and forth. Put things where you need them.

7. Bill-paying Central.

Create a station where you can pay your bills on a set schedule. Keep all your bill paying supplies (organizer, calculator, pens, pencils, checkbook, stamps, envelopes, address labels) in one place. When you are ready, all your supplies are available. This is also a great place to keep your gift wrapping supplies. Then you have a 2-in-1 station!

8. Get some kitchen scissors!

Extraordinary time saver that will amaze you with its usefulness. No more fumbling with knives to cut up the poultry, open bags or chopping herbs. Comes in pretty handy to cut off the tops of those plastic sheaths holding the sugary, Popsicle goodness too!

9. Set goals & deadlines.

Know what you have to do, and attach deadlines to those tasks. If you have a spouse, schedule lunch once or twice a week and go over schedules together, double up tasks when you’re going to be in the same area, gas isn’t getting cheaper. Divide and conquer! This can work with other family members and friends as well.
10. Schedule appointments on the spot.

Whenever you visit your doctor, dentist or hair salon, bring your date book and book the next appointment before you leave the office.

11. Call before you go.

Don’t drive all the way to the store or library to discover what you want isn’t there. Save those unnecessary trips! You can also check out the library stacks on-line.

12. Stop waiting in line.

Shop the Internet. If you start a list of purchases you’d like to make for one location, you might even get the shipping free for ordering over a certain amount.

13. Make a list.You will not remember everything you have to do. Having a list for everyday can help you see at a glance where you can fit things in to the schedule.

14. Open mail over your recycling container.

Don’t let it pile up, take care of it immediately, so it doesn’t take hours to go through later. While you are getting rid of all the unnecessary mail, talk to your kids about their school day.

15. Disconnect from email.

Your account isn’t going anywhere, you don’t have to check it every five minutes. Schedule it and forget it.

Get luck with your Time-Suckers and feel free to drop me a line about how your are zapping other time-suckers, I would love to know! God bless you!

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