10 Organized Ways to Feel Good Today

Junk Tower

Image by sigma. via Flickr

Are you drowning in stuff? There’s stuff to pick up, stuff to organize, stuff to buy, stuff to get rid of, stuff to do. Use these creative ideas to help you organize and get rid of your stuff, if for no other reason than to celebrate. We can all use more celebrations in our lives!

1. Do you have a major organizing job? Have a major celebration. If you go all out and do something huge, like organizing your entire closet space or cleaning out a basement, you deserve a big celebration. Take a before and after picture, post it on your blog or Facebook, then go out for a spa treatment or a nice dinner with someone special at your favorite restaurant.

2. Look through home decor magazines; tear out room layouts, storage ideas and decorating ideas that make you smile. When you are done with all your magazines, take them to the VA Hospital or nursing home in your town. Those visitors and patients will love to have something different to look at while passing the time. Take the kids along! My niece loves to go with me on these  trips. She feels good to be helping and sometimes gets to see some of the patients and talk to them. It’s a win-win.

3. Whenever you finish an organizing task, write it down. It is not only great to see your progress by the end of the day or week, but it serves as a record. In the future, you can go back to see what you did before with those same things. If you’re anything like me, your life is way too busy to be able to remember. Plus, it will help you spread out the love. Decorate a journal or scrapbook for this purpose. Place pictures of the locations or the people you meet inside. Who says you can’t network and organize at the same time?

4. Got a million things to do and very little time to do them? Get some index cards and write 5, 10 or 15-minute tasks on each of them (e.g. clean out the junk drawer, clean out medicine cabinet, recycle old newspapers, clear off the surface of the refrigerator, etc.) On the back of each card, write rewards. Shuffle the cards and put them in a pretty vase. When you get a few minutes
free, pull a card. Complete the task, enjoy the reward!

5. Shine some light on the situation. There’s nothing more depressing than organizing in the dark. Open the window blinds, turn on the lights, or take a break and walk in the sunshine. According to the Vitamin D Council, in May of this year, Vitamin D deficiency is a world-wide epidemic, with recent estimates indicating greater than 50% of the global population at risk. Fatigue and
weakness are the most common symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. Depression is another common symptom of vitamin D deficiency. Cholesterol levels and blood pressure can get higher. If you experience either, ask your doctor to check your vitamin D levels.

6. Feeling overwhelmed with organizing? Of course you are! No one likes to do the things that have to be done. It’s like eating broccoli without cheese sauce. But, nothing is that bad for 10 minutes. The best thing to do is start somewhere–for 10 minutes. Just keep tossing things you no longer need. When the 10 minutes are up, take a 10-minute break and pick up where you left off. Decide ahead of time how many of those 10 minute sessions you are going to have. It gives you the cake and the ice cream; you get a sense of accomplishment and a great feeling of being done when they are over.

7. Rock it out! Who’s your motivator? I love the B52s, The Fray, Van Morrison, Hillsong or Jeremy Camp when I’m trying to get things done. Crank up the volume and groove your way to organization.

8. Beat the clock. Set your timer for 30 minutes and see how much junk you can toss. Then you can share your amazing story of what you were able to accomplish in just a half hour. No fish stories though!

9. Think about what you have, that you know you don’t want, and how much someone else might need it. Things you’re not even using could answer someone’s prayer or at the very least, be on their wish list. Bring gently used clothes, toys, appliances and kitchen utensils to a charitable organization, and pat yourself on the back for your donation.

10. Invite a friend or friends over for a de-clutter party! Offer to help each other get rid of things that you know you don’t want or need any more. Order some lunch when you’re done and share storage ideas and tips!

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