Hijra: 1,400 Years of Experience Behind Every Batch

Hadith Oliyankara Juma Masjid

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While mosques in American cities and towns are increasing, Islamic schools and Muslim organizations are multiplying. America is accommodating new demands: foot baths, public calls to prayer, segregated male/female gym and swimming pool hours, halal food, female head and face coverings and Shari’a-compliant financial transactions. Some are congratulating ourselves for our tolerance.

In reality, the demands we are meeting are the ingredients of a 1,400-year-old recipe in the Koran cookbook. The dish being served up is Hijra, the doctrine of immigration inspired by Mohammed’s migration from Mecca to Medina.

They are building their physical presence with public calls to prayer, schools, libraries and research centers. The Muslims are engaging in haram (forbidden actions) because it’s necessary to establish their community. The Koran has rules against friendship with infidels, but these can be deferred while they work toward their objectives. Establishing the mosque as the center of local Islamic life is mistakenly viewed by non-Muslims the same way as Christians building a church. They do not place a billboard in front of the construction stating, “Mosque coming soon! We are building a non-integrated Muslim identity so we can advance our goals of cultural, political, and spiritual Islamization of your country!”

The fight for special status and Shari’a will continue to grow with the Muslim population. They will pretend their demands are just an attempt to humor the more devout members of their community. Any actions to suppress them will be labeled religious discrimination and the complainers will be called islamophobes. Representatives of Muslim communities are cooperating with our government to bring about change. Their goal is to get us accustomed to their buildings, their customs, their holidays, their dress and their food.

In our colleges and universities, students are indoctrinated to become Islamic advocates. They are encouraged to participate in interfaith activities, proselytization and jihad training. Non-Muslim professors are solicited through zakat, a word meaning charity. It’s actually more like bribery. Money is exchanged for courses favorable to Islam and for professors to write and speak publicly, promoting Islam. Saudi Prince Al-waleed bin Talal gave $20 million dollars for Islamic study centers at Harvard and Georgetown universities. This payment was exchanged for a guarantee on the positive research, publications and presentation of Islam.

Muslims are gaining power and mass through taquiya. This is a practice where they conceal their beliefs when under threat or compulsion. They can legally deny their faith and commit illegal and blasphemous acts when they are at risk. Meanwhile, they silence their opponents and obtain favorable reputations. The sly use of zakat elicits favorable views from politicians, the media and other organizations. The results are significant. Just within the last couple of years, the words, “jihad”, “Islamofascism” and “Islamic terrorism” have been expunged from the lexicon of government officials and the media.

As Islamization of our country proceeds, preparations begin for learning the skills necessary for jihad. Young jihadists travel to their countries of origin for further indoctrination and terrorist training. Pressure has begun on politicians to permit Shari’a law courts in exchange for Muslim votes. As the Hijra advances, you will begin to see areas where non-Muslims are prohibited or physically threatened if they enter. Muslim movement will not be restricted, they will continue to venture freely anywhere in our country.

The Hijra is a political strategy to undermine our culture and values, and replace them with Islam and Shari’a. It is a cancer that is, and will continue to transform our culture, behaviors, customs, rules and laws into an Islamic state. Are you checking out the enemy within, or are you just checking out?


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  1. Posted by Alan Lake on June 24, 2011 at 10:21 pm

    So true.
    Another way of viewing mosques is as a MAP (Mob/Mobster Assembly Point) or even military assembly point. This is a perfectly reasonable point of view and is not unnecessarily offensive (as the appeasers would say), because it corresponds to (1) historical fact, (2) current news reporting worldwide, and (3) Islamic doctrine.
    So, (1) Mosques have been used as military assembly points for beginning Jihad campaigns since the time of Mohammed.
    (2) Mosques were clearly used in Nigeria as assembly and planning points to go out and destroy churches and murder at least 16 Christians, because someone in Europe had the temerity to draw a cartoon. And listen to the news about Libya, Syria, Egypt, even now, as we speak. The mob always comes out from the mosque on a Friday, after Friday prayers.
    (3) I’ll leave it to others to give all the Quran/Hadith/Sira quotes on Islamic doctrine, and will instead quote Recep Erdogan, the PM of Turkey: “The mosques are our barracks”.

    This is why there is an insistence on mega-mosques, because as all good gangsters know, the bigger the gang, the harder it is to control. They commonly contain 10,000 people, but the London mega mosque would even hold 70,000. How on earth are the police going to control a mob of 10,000 Muslim men, never mind 70,000? And who knows what planning and weapons can be assembled in those vast, unsupervised complexes, as was discovered when the Finsbury Park Mosque was eventually raided.

    This is also why Lord Ahmed could threaten the House of Lords with a mob of 10,000 Muslim men and force it to stop showing the Wilder’s film ‘Fitna’. It was no idle threat, he knew he could easily assemble that mob at a nearby Mob Assembly Point like the Regents Park Mosque (capacity 5000, but the local streets can be used and the police would be too petrified to intervene).

    What are the principles of Gangsterism?
    (1) Establish a mobster safe house that the police don’t know of, or daren’t enter.
    (2) Terrorise and intimidate the surrounding area, so that you have free reign over the area, and the local inhabitants daren’t complain about your and are too scared to even respond to police questions.
    (3) Completely subdue the area (one of the meanings of the term ‘Islamification’) till the police daren’t even enter the area and you have established your enclave. Thus France now has 750 no-go zones where it is officially recognised that the police cannot freely enter. Tower Hamlets in London has succeeded in a kind of ethnic cleansing of Jews and Gays from its racist enclave.
    You have then established a zone of SUBMISSION (what the word ‘Islam’ means), which is the aim of the entire exercise.
    (4) You then expand to another area and proceed with step (1) as before.

    Which groups are allied with this set of Gangsters?

    M=Moderate Muslims. By their silence and inaction (note the deafening lack of protests against Islamic terrorist acts), they are complicit in its support. There is an excellent talk on this ‘Passive Terrorism’ by Dr. Tawfik Hamid of the Potomac Institute.

    A = Appeasers = non-Muslims who don’t agree with Islamic values, but are too cowardly to confront them so believe that the Muslims ‘crocodile’ can be appeased by satisfying its current demands.

    F = Fundamentalists = Islamic Fundamentalists (also called Islamists). They want to blow us up with explosives, but in some ways, they are the least dangerous of all the groups (because its obvious what’s going on with them).

    E = Easy Answerers = non-Muslims that just label any critic of Islam as a ‘racist’ or something, because its a lot easier (intellectually) to do that than to try understand the complex issues. (You may want to call these people idiots, but that’s merely an insult, and doesn’t identify the particular intellectual defect they exhibit).

    O = Opportunists = non-Muslims that are neither Appeasers, nor Easy Answerers, nor Sympathisers, who do understand what Islam is about, but they see an opportunity to further their own careers or business by allying with them in their lifetime. This could be true for a politician pandering to a Muslim demographic, or a financial institution dealing in Sharia Finance.

    S = Sympathisers = non-Muslims that agree with the goals of Islam, or what they have been fooled into believing are the goals of Islam.

    So, in summary, mosques are used as MAPs or command and control centres to submit areas to their control, and to expel state authority and any non-conforming groups or individuals.
    They ally with other forces to become stronger and spread their message, to produce a combined battle group of the MAFEOS. Their whole message may be understood under the model of gangsterism.


  2. Kim!! I want to link to you on my Israel blog: http://israeldocumented.blogspot.com
    America is blindly following the Blind! This needs to be read by all Americans!!


    • Thank you Mid, I appreciate that, and I too know many more that need to be convinced. I’m not sure what it will take to do that, and I pray that we never find out. Thank you for reading and commenting. Have a blessed evening.


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