Statement of Intent

I like to write. I like to research. I like to learn. But, I love Jesus. I love who He is, I love what He has done for me, and I like to share information about Him with others. I also like to inspire others to tell what Jesus has done for them.

Many Christians today are miserable. Many of us have attempted to live our lives the best we can by our own power. We have been deluded into thinking that because we are Christians, we should be happy, and that all should be well after we have accepted Jesus as Lord. The mistake that many of us make, or have made, is that we attempt to live with Jesus during prayer, at church, during service to others and on special holidays, like Christmas and Easter. The rest of the time, we struggle alone without exercising the power that Jesus freely gives to us and that we have only to ask for and rely on.

I attempt to live every minute of every day with Jesus. Am I always successful? No. But, by being intentional, focusing on taking Him with me everywhere I go, I find that life is easier and I am much happier and a lot less exhausted than I used to be, Praise You Jesus!

As mere mortals, we all have to be intentional about exercising the power we have in Jesus. I find that writing about Jesus, telling others about Him, sharing what He has done for me with others, helps me focus on sharing every part of my life with Jesus.

Jesus does want to go to church with us, He wants to go with us in prayer, He does want to celebrate with us and cry with us, but He wants to share in our whole lives, not just our worship. Let us practice together to let Jesus in, to all areas of our lives. Share what has worked for you, to help you walk closer to Jesus! God bless you!


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